I truly value the work Emily and team provide managing my portfolio - I’d be lost without their services. They keep track of all of the investor updates, both financial and impact, summarize it in a clean format that is easy to digest, and share clear action items. They also keep me up to date as to whats going on in our impact community, conferences, events, speaking engagement or simple networking opportunities.
— Melanie Davidson, PeakChange Family Office

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What People Are Saying About Peak Impact Consulting


The Peak Impact Team was instrumental in us successfully raising our first investment capital. As a majority woman-run organization that is capital intensive, we had quite the mountain to climb. Thanks to Emily and the Peak Impact Team, we were able to raise our first $500,000 to start Change Finance, and have gone on to launch our first product and ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. It's hard to say whether Peak Impact is more essential for impact investors or for the social enterprises - keen to change the world and needing to get up to speed quickly.

— Andrew Rodriguez, Entrepreneur

The network of people that Emily and Peak Impact Consulting have access to has brought tremendous support into my life, both professionally and personally. Emily and the team don’t hesitate to connect you with those who can help you. They bring this level of personal support into all of their services, really allowing authentic and real relationships to form and thrive with each client.

— Annie Carruthers, Entrepreneur

The members of IC-SVN Colorado have been thrilled to have Emily and Peak Impact on board to manage our local network. They have helped increase our membership and deal flow quality as well as create new opportunities to engage within our community and broader ecosystem. As we grow, Peak Impact is setting the standard for IC-SVN communities and impact investment activity across the US.

— ALex LaForge, Investors' Circle - Social Venture Network