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Why should I get involved in early-stage impact Investing?

The potential for impact is huge at the early stage. Entrepreneurs that are looking to get ventures off the ground that are solving pressing social problems. You care deeply about the solution, problem, entrepreneur and can provide not just financial support but social capital to help business solutions address social problems. You want to see what your money does and you can see the investment walk and talk. High risk, high reward with financial and social ROI.

How is Peak Impact Consulting Different than PeakChange?

PeakChange was the family office for a few highly impactful impact investors based in Denver, CO. Those investors have moved on to other priorities. Emily Winslow former CEO of PeakChange and current Founder and CEO of Peak Impact Consulting built services and offerings for other early stage investors that are interested in seeing how their portfolio performs both impact and financial ROI.  Peak Impact and PeakChange have complimentary goals in building and strengthening the impact ecosystem.

How is Peak Impact Consulting Different than Other players in the space?

We focus specifically on making life easier for people who are making direct early stage investments into impact entreprneeurs and social entreprises. We do this through a holistic approach to the investment experience, working with both investors and entrepreneurs. 



Why is the team all female?

We believe that diversity and inclusion are paramount to creating impactful teams. We encourage and promote women in finance. Women and millennials are part of a seismic change that will move approximately 60 trillion in assets over the next 3 generations. We are reflective of that change.

Who Does Peak Impact Consulting partner with?

We work with accelerators, advisors, institutions, and other ecosystem builders to ensure clients are getting the resources they need. We believe in not reinventing the wheel, but collaborating with others to achieve larger objectives.