Our Approach


Our Commitment To impact

Peak Impact Consulting invites investors – along with entrepreneurs, employees, affiliates, and consumers - to join in building a community where the financial, intellectual, moral, and communal rewards derived from active engagement in social impact enterprise are shared fairly – a collaborative, exploitation-free, culture-driven ecosystem.

Peak Impact Consulting identifies specific unmet and under-met needs of investors and other participants in the social impact ecosystem.  Peak Impact Consulting then applies modern best practices and develops innovative products and services to meet those needs.


How we work

Peak Impact Consulting offers investors impact investment portfolio management services, including a customized dashboard for tracking financial and non-financial metrics applied to individual ventures, across industry sectors, and in aggregate.  Peak Impact Consulting helps investors find and evaluate investment opportunities aligned with their impact goals.

We work with impact entrepreneurs to provide valuable collateral for their fundraising journey and create community through peer social entrepreneur and seasoned impact investor feedback and analysis. Working with us improves your chance of investment, but Peak Impact Consulting cannot guarantee investment. Peak Impact Consulting is not a broker.

At this time, Peak Impact Consulting is not a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA); and Peak Impact Consulting does not manage its own portfolio of impact investments.  Instead, Peak Impact Consulting works collaboratively with selected RIAs and with established impact funds to help investors identify and meet their financial goals for investment in early-stage social enterprises.