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Why Peak Impact Consulting?

Emily Winslow created Peak Impact Consulting to help both impact investors and social entrepreneurs work together to effectively solve social problems that affect us all.

Peak Impact’s team has deep experience investing in and launching impact ventures. Peak Impact identifies unmet needs and develops innovative solutions through products and services to support impact investors and social entrepreneurs. We're intentionally a female own and run business and predominantly millennial - we're ready to help you achieve your impact.

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Based on our experience with pain points in the impact space, we created Peak Impact Consulting to help you maximize your impact without the headaches. 

The Team

Emily Winslow - Founder & CEO

Emily Allred - CFO
Melanie Pease Davidson - Business Development
Molly Ganley - COO

Peak Impact maintains a bench of account managers, researchers, and analysts who work with the executive team to deliver unparalleled portfolio management and reports.

Our Advisory board is comprised of seasoned impact investors, wealth managers, social entrepreneurs, and impact field builders.

Peak Impact Consulting's Headquarters are in Denver, Colorado.